Original Ford Car Auto Parts

  • How to Find Original Ford FOMOCO Parts

    Original Ford FOCOMO Parts are backed by world-wide Ford service centers. Ford genuine parts are easily available to you no matter where you go. They are engineered with precision and promising high quality. Even a fake seal on parts can compromise the entire braking system of your car. So you should only buy parts from authorized ford dealer. 




    Just like car servicing, Original Ford FOCOMO parts are light on your pocket. Hence caring for your Ford car is going to be easy and reasonable in your budget. According to various surveys Ford genuine parts are most affordable across all segments – from a hatchback to an SUV.

    Original Ford parts are made to go through several tests before they are out in the market for use. These checks include thermal shock resistance, corrosion prevention, material strength and durability test among others.




    Ford provides unbeatable quality and world-wide Service Centers offering the most affordable prices and manufacturer-backed warranty; Ford parts are on top the list in all categories. You will get the highest value with only Original Ford Parts.

    Nothing can beat an original Ford FOCOMO Parts are designed for Ford vehicles. Manufactured with strict specifications, they have undergone through extensive laboratory and on-the-road testing. They’re built to help you and to maximize the performance of Ford vehicles and provide the confidence that the repair of your car will be done right at the first time.

    Here is a list of Some Original Ford FOCOMO Parts:

    • Ford Accessories
    • Body
    • Brakes
    • Climate Control
    • Electrical appliances 
    • Engine
    • Exhaust
    • Filters
    • Fluids & Lubricants
    • Fuel System
    • Hardware & Fasteners
    • Steering
    • Suspension
    • Transmission
    • Wheels and Tires
    • Wiper and Washer


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  • Significance of Ford Omnicraft Parts

    With the launch of Piese Ford Omnicraft, Ford Company cleverly steal everyone else’s business. These premium quality parts are designed for old and new cars including Lincon. The Omnicraft includes premium parts like starter, brakes, filters, plugs and more to service most non-Ford vehicles. These are backed by Ford Motor Company; Omnicraft will eventually offer over 8,000 different parts. Omnicraft auto parts are available in selected global markets such as United States, Australia, Thailand, Maxico, Germany, China, Canada, Spain, South Africa, Brazil, France UAE, United Kingdom etc.



    Ford Omnicraft parts allow its dealer to provide parts and service to the vehicles or cars make by other automakers or brands like Lincon. The aim of Ford behind the launching of Omnicraft is to help dealers to grow their sales and revenue. 

    These parts are launched in a very competitive price and quality. At initial level ford is offering 1500 Omnicraft parts like filters, brake pads, rotors, starters etc. 

    As the announcement of Ford representative they are looking to grow their business by 30-40 percent over the next five years. Ford is not building these Omnicraft parts by own. Instead it will work with suppliers to produce the parts for the automakers. 


    Omnicraft is Ford’s newest member of the Ford Lineup of parts, offering affordable and reliable parts for non-ford vehicles. Warranty of Ford Omnicraft parts varies according to product category. 

    • Alternators, Brake pads, Brake Calipers, Starters, Loaded Struts, and Radiators have limited time warranty.
    • Coated Brake Rotors and hubs have 3 year unlimited mileage warranty. 
    • Oil Filters, Break Drums, Air Filters, and Cabin air filters have 2 year unlimited mileage warranty.

    This is really good news for those who want to keep their old car new all the time. Ford definitely brought happiness and relief for them.  


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  • Fiesta: Most Trusted Car From Ford

    Ford Fiesta is a supermini car marketed by Ford since 1976 over seven generations, including Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, India etc. Fiesta is most running and trusted model from ford. Fiesta is one of the best selling product after Marques, Escort and F-series. It is because of piese auto ford fiesta those are of very good quality and made with top class engineering that makes it different from others. 



    Ford has an impressive line-up of new, stylish, classic, modern and trendy cars. In fact, these cars what customers looking for: fuel efficient, technology friendly, safety and outstanding performance. You'll also discover that these Ford cars have innovative design, including dramatic interiors and stunning exteriors. Above all, Ford cars are driven by innovation that makes it wonderful and leading among other car manufacturer.

    Ford has given the new Fiesta a significant stylish look. It has now sporty grille, sleeker head lamps, new classy alloy wheels and new bumpers in front and rear. It also have puddle lamps that makes it magnificent. The new Fiesta is, however, only available with a diesel engine and a manual gearbox and is still short on space but with enough space for passengers compared to its older rivals. It’s a car worth buying for its dynamics and styling.

    Exterior Features

    • Chrome Upper Grille Bars
    • Lower Black Grille
    • Body Colored Door Handles
    • Body Color Bumpers
    • Chrome Beltline
    • Fog Lamps & Bezels
    • Power Mirrors with Integrated Blind Spot Mirrors
    • Solar Tinted Glass
    • Power Moonroof

    Interior Features

    • 12-volt auxiliary power point
    • Ambient light
    • Carpeted Floor Mats
    • Center Dome Lamp
    • hrome door release handles
    • Cruise Control
    • Sun Visor with Covered vanity mirrors
    • uto Dimming
    • Cluster Light
    • Intelligent Access with Push-Start button
    • Leather-wrapped steering wheel


    As per my opinion ford did terrific work with new fiesta that makes is most trusted car in segment. If you are looking for a mini stylish, modern car you must visit your nearby ford showroom. For any query us know via comment or follow us socially for more regular update.   


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  • The New Mondeo Hybrid 2019

    Ford will launch The new Mondeo Hybrid range. Which includes the first Mondeo Hybrid Wagon in the year 2019. 

    • An enhanced Ford Mondeo Hybrid range with petrol-electric propulsion systems will be launched in Europe this year. The new model line will include an elegant and practical Wagon version. 
    • Developed exclusively for Europe, the Wagon version will offer Mondeo Hybrid customers the ability to carry large-size luggage while enjoying a motorcycle that does not create autonomy issues.
    • The current Mondeo Hybrid four-door version is now available for sale with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine, an electric motor, a generator and a 1.4kWh battery pack designed to deliver the ultimate in electric drive.


    KÖLN, Germany - Ford will complement the Mondeo Hybrid range - which uses efficient petrol and electric propulsion systems - by introducing a versatile and versatile Mondeo Hybrid Wagon. It will be available from 2019.

    The new Mondeo Hybrid Wagon will offer customers who need more space for the luggage to be able to benefit from the efficiency and refinement of an electric motor in different scenarios and contexts, while retaining the autonomy and freedom offered by an internal combustion engine. The stylish version of the Mondeo Wagon bodywork has been developed exclusively for customers in Europe.

    Ford will disclose the complete list of technical specifications and prices for the new Mondeo Hybrid range near the marketing date. This will provide delightful consumption figures and CO2 emissions, making it a viable alternative to both diesel and diesel engines for fleets as well as for individual users.

    The Mondeo Hybrid is currently being offered in the appealing four-door version, characterized by a profile and a low roofline inspired by the coupe sports lines. In the current range, the Mondeo Hybrid Vignale is also available.

    "For many customers, the practical aspect of the Wagon version is a mandatory selection criterion for fleets. We are so happy that we can announce that this year they will be able to boost their petrol station expenses with the sophisticated petrol-electric propulsion system of our new Mondeo Hybrid Wagon". 

    Says Roelant de Waard, vice president of marketing, sales and service at Ford Europe. "The electrified propulsion systems will continue to play a key role in our European product range." Ford is investing $11 billion and plans to launch 16 full-power vehicles that will be part of a global portfolio of 40 electrified cars available by 2022 ".

    The Ford Mondeo Hybrid propulsion system uses an electric motor that supports the 2.0 liter gasoline propeller that operates in the Atkinson cycle. A generator allows to recharge the fully recyclable Liquid-Ion battery pack with a capacity of 1.4 kWh and is located in the rear of the rear seats. Regenerative braking technology captures 90% of the energy that would otherwise be lost at the time of saturation and recharges the battery.

    The Mondeo Hybrid is capable of running purely electric, providing a level of efficiency and refinement especially in the city and in contexts where the Start-Stop system activates often. The hybrid system develops 187 hp and is supported by a Ford transmission with constantly developed continuous variation to make fuel efficient.

    Other technologies designed to help drivers optimize efficiency include the FordSmartgauge interface that continuously monitors fuel and energy consumption, power assisted steering, electrically powered air conditioning, and amorphous cooling system that significantly reduces energy dissipated during heat exchange .

    Comfort and safety technology packages include Active City Stop, Active Park Assist System, inflatable seat belts for rear seats, SYNC 3 infotainment system with voice commands and 8-touch touchscreen inch Adaptive Front Lighting System (LED) headlamps.

    The Mondeo Hybrid is Ford's first hybrid electric vehicle in Europe and is assembled with Mondeo's petrol and diesel versions at the state-of-the-art production site in Valencia, Spain.

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  • 5 Reasons to Buy Ford B-Max

    We all are very well known with the legendary quality served by Ford and continues with new family MPV. Ford has lots on effort on the designing of this model to make it best comfortable car for family in a limited and compact space segment. All the Ford B-Max Parts are designed to provide complete relax to your family.



    This model is definitely going to create a huge competition for Vauxhall Meriva, Honda Jazz, Hyundai ix20 and Kia Venga. Let’s have a look on the features this car owns.

    • Compact in Size

    With this model Ford hasn’t done too much with its size, they just changed its appearance to make it spacious and large enough for your family. 

    • Sliding Rear Doors

    The number one feature of this car that makes it different from others is its sliding rear doors that fasten together with the regular hinged front doors, without the presence of central pillar. This max Ford B-max unique, it provides much wider entrance for getting in and out of the back seat. 

    • A Complete Family Car 

     Every for ford bmax part is designed to make it a perfect family car and to provide your family an interrupted traveling experience. 

    • Modern and Classic together 

    Ford B-Max has taken number characteristics from Ford C-Max, Ford S-Max and Ford Galaxy shoehorned into its small body. Being able to open the rear door completely makes it beneficial in tight parking. That makes it classic and modern at same time.

    • A Complete Technology Package   

    With this model ford haven’t compromised with technology especially the 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol version is still best in class. B-max offers 99 and 123bhp versions with 0-62 mph dash taking 13.2 and 10.9 seconds respectively. 

    If you are looking for a technology friendly, compact, classic family car, you much take a test drive to Ford B-Max.


    More Details Visit: Piese Auto Ford B-Max

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